About us

We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs and startup founders who create new startups using our own resources, enabling us to avoid typical first-timer mistakes and greatly multiply the possibilities of success.

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Our mission

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Our mission is to be a globally recognized leading venture builder focused on leveraging the power of technology and data to solve substantial problems and improve the lives of people in MENA and beyond, through a collaborative approach that brings together the best talent and latest innovations, driven by a belief in the unbeatable combination of humans and technology.

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The story behind our firm


In 2023, the focus is on the development of AzureSea and its respective ventures. We focus on profitable growth and smart investors in our network


In 2022, AzureSea was established and all legal and organizational issues were finalized. At the same time, the first startups that were in our ecosystem were integrated


In 2021, the idea emerged to apply the Venture Studio process for the MENA market and attract talent, technologies to build something big

Our mantra



With our strong innovation skills, we have the ability to create and develop groundbreaking ideas, products, and services that effectively address real-world challenges, resulting in substantial growth opportunities for our businesses.



At our venture studio, we recognize the importance of ensuring that all of our startups operate with transparency and accountability, while adhering to the highest ethical standards in order to maintain the trust and respect of our stakeholders and society as a whole.



At our venture studio, we are dedicated to empowering startups with the necessary resources, guidance and expertise to achieve success and create positive impact. We believe in the potential of innovative ideas to transform industries and make a meaningful difference in people's lives, and we strive to cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation to support this vision.


Team work

We firmly believe in the power of collaboration, which is why we prioritize the development of our internal talent as well as close partnerships with startups, mentors, and partners to create a culture of innovation, facilitate knowledge sharing, and work together towards achieving collective success.



We provide extensive support to startups by utilizing our wealth of expertise, vast resources, and broad network, to help them succeed in achieving their goals and driving growth in their respective business-fields.

Our offices

DIFC - Dubai


DIFC, Gate Avenue, South Zone Unit 208
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Zürich - Switzerland


Bassersdorferstrasse, 8302 Kloten, Switzerland
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